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Getting Married in Bali

Are you Looking for a UNIQUE, PERSONALISED, & an UNFORGETTABLE wedding???
Why not give us a call. We specialize in thinking outside the square. Surrounded by water, nature, beautiful beaches, floral beauty, Balinese culture,  or wherever your imagination takes you.
We can surely create your ULTIMATE DREAM WEDDING!

People often ask us why we don't post pictures from our planned weddings.
Our answer to that is those pictures don't reflect our work. As planners we just plan to what the client requires. We cannot reflect the services we provide via pictures. As long as our client enjoys the day hassle free, that is our only show of work- the smile of their faces. 

Planning a wedding is only half the job done. The execution of all the events to plan is the tougher half.
More guests than planned, cold food, not enough food, the last minute things to do.. been there & seen all that. All this makes our role as a Wedding planner all the more satisfying when we make sure that you and your families enjoy the special event without all the commotion.

A beach resort wedding organizing!!!!! 
A lavish wedding on a beach resort is another sought-after wedding idea.
A beachside resort has the facilities of lodging which can curtail transport costs involved in going to the venue.

"We will Make Your Wedding Dream come True in Our Paradise"

 HENNA BALI Wedding Planner
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